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General Catalogue 2024

Product datasheets​

QB-L5.12K Wall Mounted LFP Battery System
QB-H2.5K Stackable LFP Battery System
QB-H5K Stackable LFP Battery System
QH-S3~6K Single-phase Hybrid Inverter
QH-T6~10K Three-phase Hybrid Inverter
QH-T12~20K Three-phase Hybrid Inverter
QH-T25~30K Three-phase Hybrid Inverter
QH-iHub-S/T Prewired Cable Hub Box
QG-T30~50K Three-phase Ongrid Inverter
QG-T60~80K Three-phase Ongrid Inverter
QG-T110~125K Three-phase Ongrid Inverter

Qudeox Partner Program

Discover our Partner Program and take advantage of the options and benefits of being an official distributor of Qudeox products.

Exclusive distribution by geographic area
Free printed marketing materials
Participation in international trade fairs
Assistance with marketing and sales-related expenses
And many other advantages…
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